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  • http://nazieb.com/ Nazieb

    wow, it’s surprising to see IE9 is still kinda “primitive”

  • lisandroCT

    Ladies and gentlemen! I’m glad to present to you, from Stone Age, the Internet Explorer!

  • http://twitter.com/0defiant Emperor Knight Zero

    Yup…still sticking to my photoshop/Illustrator for my logos. Don’t see why i shud write mountains of css just to create a logo.

  • http://twitter.com/shodan_uk Terry Morgan

    Fairly damning evidence that despite it not sucking AS MUCH as previous versions of IE… IE9 stil sucks.

  • http://This1That1Whatever.com/ David Wong

    Trying to come up with a logo – nice page for ideas. Sometimes I wish I could just forget about IE but they still have market share.

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