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40 Most Stunning Steampunk Gadgets

Some time ago steampunk appeared as a literary genre and with the lapse of time it has transformed into amazing urban art. Instead of fading away, steampunk has gotten increasingly intense and relevant, and right now it seems to be rising to the surface. Many people inspired by the inventions of Victorian era, modern technology and the mistery of dark alternate realities create a lot of amazing stuff with their hands. Here we present you a stunning collection of modern steampunk art.

  • AndrewG,
  • December 15, 2010
  • cornelia amiri

    Incredible gadgets and great photos. I like the steampunked motorcycle. In my book As Timeless As Magic, my heroine created and rides a steam motorcycle, it pictured on the cover as well per the design I describe in the book.  If there is a website of or any more information on the steampunk motorcycle please share it with me. I’d love to see more about it.

  • Olga Holdsworth

    Please could you say who made which pieces – I recognise Catherinette Rings and Datamancer’s pieces, as well as the USB stick by Back2Root but I would love to know who made the other things :D

  • Michelle Faid

    ALWAYS credit makers. This is at best, uncredited work, at worst, borderline theft.