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20 Free Responsive WordPress Themes

20 Free Responsive WordPress Themes

It seems that in the world of web design and development everyone is talking about the hottest topic of the present time – Responsive web design. As there is a growing necessity for people to interact with the web by using various devices, starting with mobile phones and ending up with tablets and notebooks, a question of responsive design becomes very urgent. Thereby, we’ve decided to search through the web to find the best and high-quality themes that WordPress community currently offers us for free download. In this blog post we’ve compiled WordPress themes with responsive layouts that you might want to try for improving your web site.


BonPress comes with several custom widgets for Sidebar and Footer, like: Flickr Gallery, Social Widget, Twitter. The layout of this theme automatically adapts to fit on any screen resolution on desktop and mobile devices (iPhone, iPad).
BonPress in 20 Free Responsive WordPress ThemesDemo | Download


This theme works in all modern desktop browsers and uses CSS3 media queries to deliver a fluid browsing experience to tablets and smart phones.
Skeleton in 20 Free Responsive WordPress ThemesDemo | Download


Flexible is a WordPress Theme that helps present your content and display it to fit different screens sizes, with a design of your own. It also provides a really easy integration with Facebook and Fan Gate option, a must have if you are running a website.
Flexible in 20 Free Responsive WordPress ThemesDemo | Download


Scherzo is a clean, readable theme that boasts a mobile first design, which means it displays perfectly on all mobile phones as well as desktop monitors.
Scherzo in 20 Free Responsive WordPress ThemesDemo | Download


Renova, a new single column theme for wordpress.The main design of renova is concentrated on a minimal style dedicated to those writers who need a simple layout without any kind of useless stuff. Renova was designed to perform well on the principal touch mobile device and tablets.
Renova in 20 Free Responsive WordPress ThemesDemo | Download

320 and up

320 and up in 20 Free Responsive WordPress ThemesDemo | Download


Blaskan is a responsive and accessible WordPress theme that’s built for many kinds of screens.
Blaskan in 20 Free Responsive WordPress ThemesDemo | Download


Yoko is a flexible HTML5/CSS3 WordPress theme. With the responsive layout based on CSS3 media queries, the theme adjusts to different screen sizes. The design is optimized for big desktop screens, tablets and small smartphone screens.
Yoko in 20 Free Responsive WordPress ThemesDemo | Download

Responsive Twenty Ten

Responsive Twenty Ten is a child theme of the default WordPress theme. This theme has been based on Todd Halfpenny’s Responsive Twenty Ten with the addition of some special touches such as flexible images, nice margins, and some mobile image rules.
Responsive Twenty Ten in 20 Free Responsive WordPress ThemesDemo | Download


The Meerkats Theme is built to respond to different platforms and devices. It is a simple and basic WordPress theme built by Gregor McKelvie.
Meerkat in 20 Free Responsive WordPress ThemesDemo | Download


SimpleMarket is a HTML5 WordPress theme. Responsive design that easily adapts to a variety of screen sizes and devices.
SimpleMarket in 20 Free Responsive WordPress ThemesDemo | Download


iTheme2 is a revamp of iTheme that was originally released by Nick La. It is the perfect theme for technology & Mac related blogs. It uses media queries to target different displays such as desktop, notebook, iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices.
iTheme2 in 20 Free Responsive WordPress ThemesDemo | Download

Whiteboard Framework

Whiteboard Framework in 20 Free Responsive WordPress ThemesDemo | Download


Ari is a minimalistic, flexible three-column blog theme. The theme uses CSS3 media queries for its responsive layout and is therefore optimized for tablet PCs and smart phones (the theme switches to a two-column layout when viewed on a horizontal iPad screen, and to a one-column layout on iPhones). You can also choose a dark color scheme.
Ari in 20 Free Responsive WordPress ThemesDemo | Download


The Constellation theme is the perfect starting point for any WordPress project. It gives you the flexibility to provide bespoke styles for different devices, totally up-to-date HTML5 code which is fantastic for SEO, a flexible grid system on top of all the other goodness bundled in to the HTML5 boiler plate.
Constellation in 20 Free Responsive WordPress ThemesDemo | Download


Foundation, for WordPress, is a blank starter theme with the exceptional capabilities of ZURB’s Foundation Framework and HTML5 Boilerplate.
Foundation in 20 Free Responsive WordPress ThemesDemo | Download

Codium Extend

Codium Extend is a very simple wordpress theme optimized for handheld and mobile devices (iphone, ipad, and smartphone).
Codium Extend in 20 Free Responsive WordPress ThemesDemo | Download


Mixfolio is a responsive theme, adapting to the screen sizes of iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices. This is an HTML5 theme, which adds support for the latest multimedia while keeping it easily readable by humans and consistently understood by computers and devices.
Mixfolio in 20 Free Responsive WordPress ThemesDemo | Download


DailyPost is an interesting theme ideal for your everyday notes and thoughts, which supports post formats and several customisation options. The theme is a special one because of its responsive design, thus you will get the pleasure to read the post with your mobile device.
DailyPost in 20 Free Responsive WordPress ThemesDemo | Download

1140 Fluid Starkers

1140 Fluid Starkers in 20 Free Responsive WordPress Themes
Demo | Download

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