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100 Creative Furniture

In this roundup you will find some stunning, creative and unique furniture design ideas. Some of them really look awesome. So, re-think before you scrap anything because it could be a good material for making an exclusive furniture.

100 Creative Furniture: Reloaded

We have already presented to your attention a collection of 100 Creative Furniture. And since she is still very popular with our users, we decided to show you an updated roundup of creative and unusual furniture. Some of them may not be very comfortable or convenient in every day use, but still they are striking and brilliant! Every element of furniture reflects designer’s thoughts and ideas, so you may guess what they wanted to tell you while looking through and enjoying this collection.

  • Splashnology Editors,
  • June 23, 2010
  • Madeline

    That is so FLIPPIN awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sierria Fuhr

    I really want that coffin couch…

  • IdentyMe

    Just amazing creatives!

  • Rei

    Most of these just look impractical or awkward.

  • AlyssaAnne12

    I REALLY want that drippy paint table.
    Anyone know who makes it?

    • Heather Tilley

      They’re really easy to make yourself. You can find how to videos on youtube

  • ..

    I wish that this wasn’t just a stolen img dumb, and that it actually linked to who made what.  

    • ..

      dump*  haha, fail on my part.  xD

  • Jasmine

    The United States bookcase is so awesome! And so is the tree bookcase! I like all the bookcases displayed here.

  • Dave Richardson

    Impressive styles to look at, even if some would be uncomfortable to use.

  • Scott

    a bunch of non-functional crap

  • Talorton

    thats really cool i like hem all

  • Dianathecolombian

    i love the book cases! :D

  • Xtermination

     All of these are SO cool!
    I really want the curvy lamp thing!

  • Valya1922

    I have never seen anything like that! Fantastic! It’s hard to believe this is true!))) After getting dissertation help I’ll have more free time and I’l ltry to find something for my apartment.

  • RealityDodge

    epic post. lots of pieces in there that i have never seen.

  • Andrebroodryk5

    1 or 2 nice thing on here. As for the rest, over designed. 

  • Orinoco 360

    Amazing design, also great ideas for my new office. I would love to have the tennis ball chair

  • Kate

    most of these look amazing and exciting and I would to try all of them!

  • Dissertations

    These are very inspiring work of art that can really add life to any room.

  • Julie

    I want the waterfall couch!!!!!

  • Furniture Man Chicago

    some of them are actually on sale at some furniture stores

  • furniture hire

    As much as i agree with Rei, the gorgeous style of most of those out weighs the impracticability. 

  • Sowmenchanda_1234

    awesum and very creative also…. beautiful …. i like it…. thanks/.

  • Ikinci el esya alanlar

    In contrast to oppress people should prefer lighter colors, all very interesting and a nice sense of spaciousness, which is also

  • friv78

    really cool, Impressive styles !

  • Sina Tabasi

    I’m the most eagerly fan of your site. but it is a long time that you don’t add new designs most of them are from 2 years ago.


  • Sina Tabasi


  • AJO

    Weird collection

  • Dbakeca Italia

    a nice article

  • Hugh Mclaughlin

    Great pieces, have to make one or to now :)